About Us

Pinwheel Clay is a small, women-of-color owned business that handcrafts small batches of polymer clay jewelry that offers unique, colorful, and playful designs.

We believe that jewelry can impact a person’s self-confidence by wearing jewelry that brings them happiness and joy. This is aligned with the logo of the company (pinwheel) which is symbolic of optimism.

At Pinwheel Clay, we embrace the following principles:

  • Makers supporting other makers (shop small business and buy local products)
  • Eco-friendly packaging (recyclable, compostable, etc.)
  • Give back and donate a certain percentage of profits each month to organizations and movements we care about

We strive to live by these principles in our work, but we are also mindful about offering affordable, quality jewelry to our consumers. So, it is a balancing act of supporting other makers and small businesses, and offering the best prices to Pinwheel Clay customers.

We are self-taught (thanks, internet!) and have just started working with clay. So, we are novices in this polymer clay world but happy to be part of this community! We are learning and growing everyday and happy you are joining us in this journey.

About The Makers: We met through mutual friends about 10 years ago in Washington, DC. We share interests in food, travel, and of course, earrings! :) In fact, a recent trip we took together in the fall of 2020 to New England inspired us to launch our own jewelry business. While in Maine, we encountered beautiful polymer clay earrings and from there we decided to make our own creations.

Ezrah: Originally from Silicon Valley, Ezrah moved to Washington DC after college and spent about 7 years on and off in the nation’s capital. Most recently, she has been overseas working in humanitarian aid. She is an avid earring enthusiast, with a collection of nearly 200 from 40 different countries.

Maggie: Arrived in the DMV from Charlotte, NC about 10 years ago to support the US Navy and has lived in DC, Virginia, and currently resides in Maryland.  She loves to explore new cultures and to share these inspirations in her designs.  Additional hobbies include gardening, cooking, and crochet.